Sri Utthiamman TempleKottaipatti

Sri Utthiamman is the Kula Deivam for the sect of the Koviar community, which is distributed in the state of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. The main goddess amman was first discovered in the form of a palmyra leaf box which today houses all the deity’s saree, ornament , bangle and decorative ancillaries

Main Deity & Nandavanam

Sri Utthi Amman

Utthiamman the main deity, the mother goddess is believed to be a bringer of prosperity and abundance.


Nandavanam,the temple garden beside temple is lit up with lamp and decorated with flowers during “Mahashivratri”

2022 – Maha Sivarathiri

2023 Pooja Events

Maha Sivarathiri(yearly once) Feb 18th-2023 timing evening
Aadi velli All Fridays of July/August 2023
Thai All Fridays of Jan/Feb 2023
Karuvarai deepam lighting and
adorning flowers
Daily twice all days across year
2024 – Maha Sivarathiri Pooja